About Us

Founder's Foreword

SweatINC was founded with an unshakeable spirit and a lofty ambition. 

To not only bring about quality Sports & Fitness classes to people of all ages, but more importantly to help uncover the very best versions of the lives we touch.

Our Promised 3Ps


We believe in working hard but even more so working smart. All our bespoke programs are re-evaluated every month and are constantly being fine-tuned by our In-house coaches. So be it age, gender, or ability there is always progress with us here at SweatINC.


To ensure our coaches stay first-rate, and help our clients crush their goals. Every one of our handpicked coaches at SweatINC goes through our SIG induction program before coming on board with us, after which a monthly sharpening and re-evaluation course to ensure we stay up to date with the latest coaching methods.


At SweatINC we pride ourselves on being not only just a Sports & Fitness hub, but also a no fluff, no judgment training ground to develop and cultivate the best versions of ourselves. 

“Don’t focus on what you think you deserve. Take aim at what you are willing to earn.”

  -David Goggins

SweatINC Team

Eugene Han

Head Trainer (Fitness)

Eugene, In his youth as a Badminton player had the liberty of being part of 4 year West zone champion squad(Boon Lay Secondary), SAFSA (CSSCOM) and SIM Badminton.

His passion for fitness developed when was in University, resolute on being the best version of himself. There he found his calling in the fields of education. He loved how fitness is more than just on the outlooks but also a training ground to help individuals develop and uncover the very best versions of themselves..

Armed with a burning passion to serve and inspire. He founded “SweatINCglobal" and it was all history from there. With the promise of our best and only that from our team; word-of-mouth turned Clients turned into Classes; Classes turned into Schools and Schools into Corporations.

Coaching Accolades:
8 Years Coaching experience
Sports Studies & Marketing (HONS),
National Academy of Sports Medicine (CPT)
NROC Certified

Dylan Khoeng

Head Coach (Badminton)

Dylan found an affinity with badminton at the age of 11, although comparatively late compared to the rest of the competitive players in the Singapore scene, his love and passion for the sport egged him to stay competitive within the field.

Throughout his competitive career Dylan managed to build an impressive playing resume for himself But more than that, Dylan shares a passion for teaching, known for being systematic and detail-oriented by his clients Dylan has built himself a substantial following just by being a freelance coach. Yearning to give back to the sport that built him and uplift the level of play, especially in our youth.

With a bigger goal in mind in 2020, Dylan accepted Eugene’s invitation to become Head Coach at SweatINC Badminton. With over 6 years of coaching experience coupled with his higher studies in logistics Dylan also helms the programme operations at SweatINC Badminton.

Coaching Accolades:
6 Years Coaching Experience
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (HONS)
NROC Certified