Badminton Hall

In view of the current safe management measures (SMMs), only FULLY VACCINATED patrons will be allowed into the badminton hall. Prevailing SMMs will be enforced, tentatively till 21st November.

a) Group activities are allowed for up to 2 individuals (including instructor / coach). This applies for all settings – indoors and outdoors regardless of masked or unmasked activity. Physical activity of a social nature (that does not involve any instructor / coach) should be kept to a limit of 2 participants.

b) Participants in the group who are above 12 years old can be from different household as the children but must be fully vaccinated (includes those that have valid PET result/have recovered from COVID-19) to be able to be part of the group activity.

Court hirers are to ensure all participants are FULLY VACCINATED. For participants aged 12 years old and below, please refer to the provision stated above. SweatINC will be conducting inspections. Enforcement action(s) under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act and the Infectious Diseases Act will be taken against court hirers and the participants who failed to comply with the SMMs. In addition, court hirers will be held liable for the cost in carrying out cleaning and disinfection of the badminton hall.

Use of Facilities

Privacy Policy

Consent to Disclosure of / Use of Personal Information I agree to the use of my personal information by SweatINC it and its employees / agencies as it is necessary for official / marketing purposes in connection with SweatINC’s programmes.

Refund policy

Cancellation Policy

For classes, you may cancel your bookings up to 48hours before.For facilities, any cancellation 48hours before will have a 50% charge.For cancellation less than 48hours, there will be no refunds.

Liability Waiver / Release form

By signing up for SweatINC classes, I hereby agree to the following:
acknowledge that I am responsible for my own health & physical condition, where I acknowledge the risks for participation, wavier of liability, understand that my participation in any exercise program with SweatINC, policies and procedures.I agree to abide by the membership rules and conditions – that is to respect the facility, equipment and the rights of other people using both.I understand that Badminton and Fitness classes are physical sports and agree to use the facility and equipment according to the instructions provided by the instructor. No fitness trainer or fellow members are liable for any accidental injuries which I may incur as a result of participating in any program from SweatINC Global. The Client shall hold SweatINC Global and its employees and any trainers/teachers harmless against any loss or damage to him/her or others arising from injury, ailment, death or any change in physical condition suffered directly or indirectly as a result of your training or the use of the gym equipment and facilities. The Client should seek professional advice from a qualified medical practitioner to ascertain that he/she is fully fit for training.